Thursday, 1 November 2012

Safety through choice, not by chance

In an earlier blog post I talked about the unprecedented level of fund safety that you receive through FXPRIMUS, and I wanted to expand on that more to let you know all about Trust accounts.

In another industry first, FXPRIMUS is the first broker in the world to offer a Trust account option for ALL clients, regardless of their account size.

Gone are the days of needing a USD250,000 account to benefit from the advantages of Trustee services!

How do you benefit from a Trust account?

Funds held in a Trust account are completely separate from the assets of FXPRIMUS (e.g., funds held in a Trust are completely off the FXPRIMUS balance sheet).

This means that if for any reason the company were to stop trading your funds are fully protected against the claims of creditors, liquidators or any other third party. 

NO OTHER brokerage offers this kind of fund safety to all its traders!

As mentioned, these funds are held by an independent custodian trustee called Turnstone Trustees at Barclays Bank. This unique arrangement allows you to fund your account through the trustee and give you the peace of mind that your funds are 100% safe and secure. 

Signing up for a Trust account is easy and inexpensive:

It only costs a one-time fee of USD50 to sign up for an FXPRIMUS Trust account.

Traders new to FXPRIMUS can choose to pay the one-time fee as a deduction from their first Live account deposit.

Existing clients just need to log in to the FXPRIMUS Member Area and select the ‘Trust’ option. Once selected, FXPRIMUS deducts the USD50 one-time fee from the trader’s account.

P.S. Have you heard about FXPRIMUS Coach yet? Get 60 days FREE access to the industry best personal coaching and tutorial program when you open a fund a Live account with FXPRIMUS.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Better Safe Than Sorry

There have been some absolute horror stories in Forex trading over the years. A quick Google search for ‘Forex Scam’ will throw up close to 30 million hits. Whilst 30 million is quite a significant number, it still pales in comparison to the amount of money lost by Forex traders dealing with dodgy companies.

Suddenly and without warning, traders have found themselves losing some or all of their invested money due to company mismanagement, corruption of funds or just general bad practice. In the end, the unfortunate traders often find that their funds have been swallowed up by creditors and they are left with little or nothing.

But thanks to FXPRIMUS the industry is slowing changing. In an industry first, FXPRIMUS offers an institutional hedge fund style of protection to its retail clients.

Here is the first way that FXPRIMUS protects you like no other brokerage:

An independent third party administers all segregated customer accounts. The administrator is TURNSTONE GROUP, who manage over USD1 billion in funds from offices located worldwide.

FXPRIMUS is the first retail brokerage in the world to contract such an independent third party fund administrator to monitor the flow of client funds. TURNSTONE also act as signatories to all client segregated accounts and any funds leaving the client segregated account must first be approved by them.

Although this is service is offered at great expense to FXPRIMUS, it does back up the broker’s promise of being ‘The Safest Place to Trade’ – and by quite some way! This level of fund protection is one that NO OTHER Forex brokerage offers. 

P.S. FXPRIMUS also offer another industry first with 60 days FREE access to 1-on-1 live coaching, SMS trade alerts, tutorial videos and more inside FXPRIMUS Coach.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More on FXPRIMUS Coach

In a previous blog post I introduced the latest product in Forex trading from FXPRIMUS called FXPRIMUS Coach. I wanted to use this blog post as an opportunity to explore more about the services and features of this industry-changing offering.

First of all and perhaps most importantly, you can receive 60 DAYS FREE access to FXPRIMUS Coach when you open and fund a live account with FXPRIMUS. 

Whilst anything free is fantastic, you really start to see the benefits when you engage and make full use of all the services waiting for you inside FXPRIMUS Coach. 

Let’s take a look at the 3 main features offered by FXPRIMUS:

1.  INTERACT 1-on-1 with live coaches via chat 

The most popular feature of FXPRIMUS Coach is the live 1-on-1 coaching you receive from the FXPRIMUS Training & Education team. Now when you have a question about a trade or a strategy, you can interact with a dedicated consultant rather than having to trawl through websites or blogs.

2.  LEARN from more than 40 tutorial videos 

Video tutorials cover a wide range of topics, starting from basic concepts such as how the Forex market works, how to use MT4 and a variety of other topics that are helpful for beginners. But don’t be fooled into thinking that these video tutorials are only for Forex ‘newbies’. The video tutorials also include 8 advanced video lessons for more experienced traders, as well as 13 different trading strategies.

3.  PROFIT from SMS trade alerts

In yet another first, FXPRIMUS Coach offers you free SMS trade alerts when your initial deposit is USD2,000 or more. These trade alerts come straight to your mobile device from our Training & Education team. They guide you through 8-10 trades each month. It’s possible by following these alerts to earn up to 300 pips every month!

Considering that FXPRIMUS are offering all these services FREE for 60 days, there really is no reason not to open and fund a Live account with FXPRIMUS today!

P.S. Not only does FXPRIMUS offer FXPRIMUS Coach, but the broker also provides the safest fund protection in the industry.

Lost in the Forex wilderness? Help is at hand.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced Forex trader, there is always going to be new information and strategies that can make or break your trading experience. The difficult question is, where do you go to learn these new techniques and get the support you need to trade successfully?

There are plenty of books, online guides, websites and blogs that each have their own theories and advice on Forex. The main problem with these resources is that they are usually only a one-way conversation, meaning that if you have a question you may have to wait for a reply if you even receive one at all!

This is why it’s surprising that no other Forex brokerage has offered 1-on-1 live coaching FREE for 60 days when you open and fund a live account…until now! 

FXPRIMUS have launched an industry first in FXPRIMUS Coach, which provides an unmatched level of personal coaching and more for its clients. Backed by the FXPRIMUS Training & Education team, FXPRIMUS have dedicated expert coaches standing by to answer any and all questions you have on Forex inside the FXPRIMUS Coach platform.

There is a whole range of other services offered through FXPRIMUS Coach that I will go into more detail in another post. But for now you can experience FXPRIMUS Coach for 60 days for FREE if you have a live, funded account with FXPRIMUS.

P.S. In another industry first, FXPRIMUS also offer the most secure fund protection of any other brokerage in the industry.